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Class 3 Hedgehogs

Welcome to Class 3 - Hedgehogs!

Check out our class page every Monday to see what new tasks Mrs Parker has set for you. 

Mrs Parker has set up a new Google Classroom for all your Home Learning during the closure. Please follow the instructions below to access it from home. 

Bewerley Park  - Keep your Students Active!

Watch out for daily tasks giving you inspiration and ideas to help you find adventure, stay connected to nature and learn about the outdoors. Even while self-isolating, schools are closing and we’re all practising social distancing, hopefully these ideas will bring you some fun, learning and happiness.


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Useful Website Links for Class 3 (Hedgehogs)


Year 4 Multiplication Check Websites


TT Rockstar Battle

We have set up a TT Rockstar battle between Class 3 and 4. This will run from Monday 30th March to Monday 6th April. 

Come on Class 3, get playing as much as you can. Score loads of points. We can beat them! 











Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPaG)



York School and Youth Trust (YoYo) and coronavirus response.



We want to thank you for all that you do in supporting children, young people and families in your community.


As a charity we have prayed and have had a number of virtual team meetings looking at ways that we can continue to make the Christian faith alive to children and young people in our city.


We are aware that the situation changes daily, but as Christians we know that God doesn’t.  In light of this we are producing a number of activities from online stories, songs, virtual prayer spaces, creative competitions, and also thoughts for our young people to ponder on during this difficult season.


These activities will be put on our Facebook page York Schools and Youth Trust and also on our website


As a team we love creativity so it would be great if you could pass this onto people in your church family and groups that you may host.


Please know that as a YoYo team we are praying for you during this time and we look forward to connecting with you soon.



Marion, Tamsin and the rest of the YoYo team

Blue Cross Competition


With children across the UK now at home because of school lockdowns, leading pet charity Blue Cross are encouraging children aged 7-11 to take part in their fun and light-hearted competition called 'Britain's Most Heroic Tails'. The competition is in recognition of the charity’s iconic Blue Cross Medal award, which honours heroic and extraordinary pets (from hamsters to horses and everything in-between).


To take part, children are being asked to design a movie poster featuring their pet as a superhero. No pet? No problem! Pupils who don’t own a pet can draw their imaginary ‘super pet’ and explain what their powers would be.

Closing date for entries is 3pm on Friday 15th May. Full details can be found at

Our Class

This year, class 3 consists of years 3 and 4. Our class team is: Mr Carpenter (Teacher - Monday), Mrs Parker (Teacher - Tuesday to Friday), Mrs McCully and Mrs Brotton (Teaching Assistants) and Mrs Duffy and Mr Holliday (1:1 Teaching Assistants).


P.E. Days: Tuesday (Mrs McCully) and Wednesday (Mrs Taylor). Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school on these days (including 1 indoor pair and 1 outdoor pair of trainers) and all jewellery, especially earrings, is removed on these days. 


Forest Schools: We are very lucky to have Mrs Taylor teaching us during our Forest Schools sessions every Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full change of 'old' clothes including a warm jumper, coat, hat and gloves. The children may also benefit from keeping a pair of wellies in school. 



Children in Class 3 (Hedgehogs) will take home a set of 8 spellings to learn each week, which consist of 4 words with the spelling pattern we are learning about and 4 of the Y3/4 Common Exception words. In addition to this, we ask that the children read regularly at home and practice their times tables via TT Rockstars. 


Bug Club

Bug Club is a great resource to support and extend a child's reading library without having to look for books. For further information on this amazing resource see the letter to parents which is attached below (in letters for parents) or speak to Mrs Parker about how to access Bug Club. 


Bewerley Park Centre for Outdoor Education Residential 2020

After the success of last years visit, all the children in Years 3 and 4 have the exciting opportunity to visit Bewerley Park for a 1 night residential stay. During this visit, they will have the chance to take part in some outdoor activities, such as canoeing and rock climbing, as well as the experience of having to make their own beds! For more information about the visit, please see the attached letter below (in letter for parents) or contact the school for further details. 

Autumn 1 (Brilliantly British)

'The Blue Party' ready for their campaign.we have started the new school year by learning all about what it means to be British. Our class text for this term is 'The Accidental Prime Minister' by Tom Mclaughlin. We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the adventures Joe and Ajay have had in their new roles in politics. 



Each child in the class wrote their own manifesto explaining why they should be elected as The Pupil Prime Minister, thinking about what is important to them (and including some radical and slightly silly ideas just like Joe and Ajay!). Some of the best lines from their writing were:

"Do you care about homeless people? I am trying to save people's lives by building houses and providing jobs for them." - Noah, Y3 


"...I strongly believe that we all deserve to have cool bottoms in the summer. Do you ever get nervous about your bottom getting too hot? Well, that will stop because I believe by the year 2022 there will be bottom cooling seats everywhere!" - Henry, Y3. 


"Do you want a time machine so you can go and see the dinosaurs? Well, if you vote for me there will be time machines everywhere, like shopping centres and museums." - Ella, Y4.


We also spent time thinking about life in Britain, discovering what the 7 continents of the world are, which countries make up Europe and a basic overview of what the EU is, using current affairs (In The News) to support our teaching and learning. we then thought about why someone might want to visit Britain and became 'the marketing team' for For this, we create our own promotional leaflets about major tourist attractions in Britain. 


Autumn 2 (Magic!)


This term has been all about DRAGONS! We have an amazing adventure into the world of dragons, using clips from famous films such as The Hobbit, Harry Potter and How To Train Your Dragon to help us. We have been reading a recently published book called, 'The Land of Roar' by Jenny McLachlan to delve into terrific imagination of a child and to help us develop our own adventurous journeys through our own Land of Roar. 


Each child has written an adventure story, using a new planning, writing, editing format as part of the Write Time project we are currently taking part in.


Some of the children have worked extremely hard to create their own dragon projects at home too. Look at this amazing Dragon made by Henrie (Y4). Well done!

Spring 1 and Spring 2 (Global Ambassadors)

During both Spring terms we have been learning about our impact on the environment and what we can do to try and minimise the damage we are causing to our world. We also thought carefully about the citizens of the world and how we can support people around the world achieve fairer pay for their products and improve their lives. 


During Spring 1, we learnt about the impact of deforestation on the world. The children learnt about how deforestation has caused many species to become extinct or be on the brink of extinction. We also learnt about the impact on human life including how our trees help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our world. 


We had some amazing home learning projects brought in during spring 1 showing the children's understanding of the rainforests in our world. Well done everyone!


During Spring 2, we learnt about the impact of plastic on our oceans. We began a STEM Plastic Challenge and began to think about ways we can reduce our plastic uses. We linked our learning to our previous term too during fairtrade fortnight, thinking carefully about human life in the rainforests and how many of the foods we love here in Britain begin life in the rainforests around the world. 

*UPDATE 23/03/2020: Due to school closures, we were unable to complete the STEM Plastic Challenge. Should you wish to do something to complete this, please have a go at making a project out of recycled plastic bottles. *


British Science Week 2020

British Science Week was brilliant! The theme for this year's science week was the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica (The South Pole). All the children began the week learning about Ernest Shackleton and his adventures to the most southern parts of our world. We then went on to write a short biography about him and his life as well as discovering where exactly Antarctica is! In addition to this, we thought about the current scientific investigations into germs and learnt about the importance of washing our hands. We did 'The Bread Experiment' to see which hand washing technique was the most effective: Soap and Water for 20 seconds, no washing or hand sanitiser. We compared these three piece of bread to a piece that was rubbed on the door handle and one that had nothing done to it.