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Class 1 Squirrel

Welcome to Class 1 Squirrel!


In Squirrel class your child will be learning through the Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. We have a wonderful team lead by Mrs Jones, and supporting her are our teaching assistants Mrs Parsons, Mrs Jack and Miss Allenby.

Our learning journey...


Please browse our learning jouney below to see what we have been up to in Squirrel class!


Whilst spending time getting to know one another we began exploring the houses we live in. we talked about where we lived, the numbers on our doors, and who lived there. As our discussions and learning continued we began noticing the development behind the school. The children loved watching the diggers, and workers develop the new houses, which inspired us to use some similar materials to make our own walls during messy play, construction and outside. We looked at the shapes we needed to build and what pieces fit together.





We developed our learning further by looking at homes around the world.

We enjoyed our class read “Come Over to my House” by Dr Suess and

discovered the differences and similarities in homes from different cultures and countries.



Harvest was in full swing, and squirrel class performed at the school’s Harvest service in St. Thomas’ church. We continued looking at harvest as the children began harvesting our vegetable patch! We talked about how our plants and vegetables grew and what they needed.



As the children enjoyed the autumn weather we began looking at the differences and signs to show it had arrived. The children enjoyed looking at the different colours of the leaves, the arrival of conkers and the colder weather. We finished October by celebrating “Apple Day” as a whole school. The children loved dressing up as a type of apple, taking part in apple activities and a special lunch!







We began our new topic “into the night” and our class read was

Owl Babies. The children enjoyed recreating the story and began

to take it into the provision areas. Whilst playing outside the children

built a large nest from leaves, twigs, and cones they had found.



As the children enjoyed our Owl Babies story we had some visitors from Owl Adventures. The children learnt about and saw a variety of owls close up. We talked about when they were awake, what they eat, and where they might live. We had a chance to hold them and feel their feathers too!






The children came into the classroom one morning in December to an “incident”. The children investigated who the intruder could have been, where they came in and what their motives could have been! Luckily, this incident involved an early present for squirrel class… a story!



After reading the story and looking once again at the clues, the children came to the conclusion that it was the snowman who came to our class and he wanted us to share his story. As a class we studied and imitated the story with words and actions to retell it ourselves.