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This week in maths we are going to be practicing our 8 times table by exploring it in different ways. I would like you to practice counting in 8s in a range of different ways - forwards, backwards, using groups of objects, spotting 8s and counting in lots of 8s whilst out on your daily exercise. In session 1 you will be exploring the relationship between multiplication (x) and division (÷). In session 2 you will learn how to solve word problems involving the 8 times table and in session 3 you will be finding patterns in the 8 times table. Let us know what patterns you can find on our Google Classroom stream.


Any worksheets that have been attached for the sessions do have different levels: 1 star = Year 3, 2 stars = year 4 and 3 stars = year 5.


I've also attached a multiplication square and a 100 square to help you. 


Have fun!


Year 5 only: I have added a link below which will take you directly to the year 5 maths for Class 4 if you wish to do that work for an extra challenge. Let me know how you get on.